Robin Leonard Painting

Robin Leonard paints beautiful, abstracted scenes, which are rooted to the land and seascapes of Cornwall. His style is free-spirited and loose, and his dynamic canvases convey a feeling of the artists’ personal experience of being in the elements. Robin works from life as often as possible, taking his easel and paints out onto the cliff paths and countryside that inspires him.

“I try to express a feeling of what I see, an interpretation rather than a copy. Though it may sometimes appear too abstract, it is at any level a collection of marks or reactions, - the paint is there to imply in a natural way the nature it represents, rather than being a controlled exercise in safe formulaic technique. I paint with long arms as I want my work to be enjoyed on at least two levels. One as representation seen from a distance, and then as abstract indulgent use of paint close up. Some paintings are open to more than one interpretation. I like to take risks with paintings - paint for paints sake, - with hours spent and sometimes satisfactory work being destroyed when things go wrong. It is by taking chances that work develops.“